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  • bed canopy for large-scale shielding of high-frequency electromagnetic waves​
  • maximum transparency and breathability ~100%
  • 100% textile qualities, (B1-certifiable)
  • double bed version (box form, very spacious)

The double bed canopy Topas-BD consists of Topas-CS, an extremely light- and air-permeable, high-frequency-shielding knitting with absolute textile character and the only shielding textile to meet the highest fire protection standards. (Polyester B1-certifiable, of low flammability.) Air- and light-permeability nearly 100%, no CO² production.

Another advantage lies in protection from unpleasant flies and mosquitoes.

Assembly is simple as well as variable in width and height.

No electric devices may be operated within the canopy. Please maintain the required distance from the fabric to lamps, hot illuminants (melting), and walls (abrasion).

No evaporation or other chemical additives that may be harmful to your health.

Fire and chemical testing confirmed through inspection by the Verband-Baubiologie (VB). From experience, suitable for allergy sufferers. 




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